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EURASIA GAZEXPORT' is a refinery that is capable of processing 870,000 barrels of crude oil per day to produce fuel products and chemical feedstocks that are supplied to domestic markets and overseas export markets under the brand labels of its shareholders.

Organisation Structure

Key functional areas to operate and support the business comprise the following:

  • Operations
  • Commercial
  • Reliability and Maintainance
  • Process Safety & Technical
  • Project Development & Engineering
  • Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
  • Finance & Administration
  • Human Resource
  • Procurement & Warehouse


The Operations department is responsible for the safe, effective and efficient management of the entire refining operations as well as for process optimisation. Its major role is to operate the various refining processes and offsite activities in a reliable manner so as to produce and dispatch products that meet specification. Field employees in the department operate on three 8-hour rotating shifts.


The Commercial department is responsible for all commercial activities of EURASIA GAZEXPORT including supply and production control, planning and economics, business analysis and quality control/laboratory.


Reliability and Maintainance

The RM department is responsible for championing reliability and integrity matters to ensure maximum plant availability and utilisation. Under its purview are the reliability and inspection functions.

Process Safety & Technical

The PS&T department is responsible for process safety management, process engineering design services as well as technology application in support of plant optimisation, mid- to long-term process improvements and capital project development.

Project Development & Engineering

The PD&E department takes charge of managing EURASIA GAZEXPORT'’s smaller scale capital projects from conceptual stage to final commissioning. Development engineering support for implementation of in-house projects and upkeep of the refinery’s engineering documentation also come under the purview of this department.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

The HSEQ department is responsible for ensuring the effective management of health, safety, environment and quality so as to secure the safe operation of the refinery as well as the safety of all workers in the refinery. It is involved in setting standards and overseeing compliance with company policy and government legislation to manage hazards and emissions in the workplace. It is also engaged in the adoption of pro-active measures to raise awareness and heighten understanding of established standards, industry best practices as well as lessons learnt for continuous improvement of HSEQ-related performance in the refinery.

Finance & Administration

The F&A department is responsible for formulating and implementing financial policies, providing overall support for financial and cost accounting, budget and management reporting, treasury management, tax planning and compliance reporting, payroll administration, corporate secretarial activities as well as management of the Company’s corporate insurance programme. Oil accounting and information services are also under its scope of responsibility.

Human Resource

The HR department is responsible for the formulation of personnel policies and procedures, manpower planning and staffing, compensation and rewards strategy, management of medical and welfare benefits, performance management, employment law compliance, facilitation of optimum working relationship with employees including the staff union, training, career and organisational development, employee communications as well as Office General Services.

Procurement & Warehouse

The P&W department is responsible for managing all procurement and contracts activities including warehouse operations to ensure the achievement of safety and quality specifications as well as the optimisation of costs in the supply of goods and services.

Corporate Culture

While EURASIA GAZEXPORT' demands the highest level of performance and personal commitment from each employee, teamwork and esprit de corps are equally critical fundamentals in its pursuit of success. Safety, above all, is the modus operandi for the entire company.

The EURASIA GAZEXPORT' employee operates according to the following principles:

  • Safety above all to protect people, assets and the environment
  • Reliability focused to deliver organisational performance
  • Customer satisfaction in quality products and services
  • Business orientation to ensure our continuing success
  • Teamwork to achieve common goals
  • Recognition of employee contribution and development of their potential
  • Pride and ownership in our work
  • Continuous improvement as our way of life towards excellence

Business Conduct and Ethics Code

We have a Business Conduct and Ethics Code (‘The Code’) which sets out the principles by which we can conduct our business activities with honesty, integrity and mutual respect.

EURASIA GAZEXPORT' is fully committed to upholding the highest standards of business conduct and ethics in the relationships with our business partners such as vendors, contractors, customers, shareholders, the community at large and regulatory agencies. At the same time, EURASIA GAZEXPORT' requires all our business partners to respect as well as act in alignment and comply with the Code.

We believe that long-term relationships built on trust and mutual advantage are imperative to EURASIA GAZEXPORT'’s business success. The Company is committed to maximizing benefits for all parties in its business dealings. To become the preferred business partner, EURASIA GAZEXPORT' seeks to uphold a sustainable relationship with its business associates based on high-performance standards, delivering on its promises, openness, and flexibility, learning from others, mutual understanding and interdependence, as well as sharing success.

EURASIA GAZEXPORT' shall not tolerate any action in which achievements or results are sought or attained at the expense of violating the law or compromising the Code. Known or potential violations or concerns can be reported through the channels set out in our Whistle Blowing Policy.